My Healthy Life

Meditation and Stillness Groups

By Jeff Wright, MA – On his “Mindfulness and Meditation” presentation as part of Southwest Health’s My Healthy Life seminar series. I think most of you have heard that secular meditation (AKA “Mindfulness”) offers many benefits for both mental and physical health.  There is a wealth of responsible research suggesting that ten to twenty minutes of [read more]

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Exercise for Successful Aging

By Samantha Jordan, DPT, OCS, CSCS Unfortunately no matter how hard we try to take care of ourselves we will all experience physiological aspects of aging. Knowing what to expect and practicing some healthy lifestyle habits can help you stay looking and feeling young. The Effects of Aging Loss of bone and muscle mass cause [read more]

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Diabetes – A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

By Jaime Collins, Marketing Director at Southwest Health I remember the moment I first heard about the disease. I lingered under the birch tree feeling increasingly uneasy as I listened in on my aunt telling my grandmother about her diabetes. The shots and the food restrictions were enough to bear, but my aunt’s dire warnings [read more]

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The Sun and Your Eyes: How to Safely View the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

By Nicole Klein, OD – Optometrist at The Eye Center at Southwest Health Witnessing a solar eclipse can be a memorable experience for all ages. The upcoming eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017 will be the first total eclipse in nearly 40 years. Although here in southwest Wisconsin we are too far north to witness [read more]

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The Power of Art

By Lacy Taylor, MA, LPC, Mental Health Therapist at Southwest Behavioral Services. Living with a mental illness can be a lonely and stressful experience. You may find it difficult to think about seeking treatment and sitting across from a stranger while talking about your life, experiences, secrets and struggles. You may also fail to find [read more]

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Hard Lessons Made Easy

You don’t have to run a marathon to understand running 26.2 miles is hard. The same goes for racing an Ironman triathlon, training for an Olympic sport, or doing any of the athletic exploits that make headlines or make you wince in sympathetic pain. The great news is all of us who may never train [read more]

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Why Wait?

By Kevin Carr, MD of the Platteville Clinic at Southwest Health and the Cuba City Clinic at Epione Pavilion If you had 24 hours to live, what is something you would regret never having done? What’s one thing on your bucket list that you always wanted to do but couldn’t find the time? Spend time [read more]

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Deadly Decisions – 25 Short-term Choices that Could Kill You

Humans are lousy at estimating risk. Science has demonstrated this over and again. So, let’s give everyone out there a hand in avoiding some particularly disastrous choices we might be tempted to make in the short run. In completely random order: “Nah, I don’t need to buckle up.” Texting and driving. There is no text [read more]

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Summer Matters

Every year, kids go on summer break. And many of us, especially many kids, see summer as a time celebrate the freedom of being a kid.  Others understand the reality of summertime isn’t always so rosy for some kids. There are some key areas where summer falls short when it comes to helping our kids [read more]

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Do I just forget? Or is it more serious?

By Jodi Knight, Speech Therapist |   Wait, what was I saying? Where did I park my car? What was that man’s name again? Everyone experiences forgetfulness at times. But, at what point should you be concerned about your memory or the memory of a loved one? We all have our moments of forgetfulness. Yet, there [read more]

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