Blue light lenses-worth the hype?

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator Blue light is a buzzword right now used by eyeglass retailers.  Since it is approaching back-to-school time, and many attending school will be attending virtually, I see many advertisements for blue light reducing glasses. These ads portray blue light as harmful and indicate it hurts your eyes. And of course, [read more]

Studies: Preventing Dementia Begins Early

By Jaime Collins Saying goodbye to my mother-in-law for the last time was heartbreaking. Especially so because the person I said goodbye to wasn’t really her. The woman I knew so well was already gone. Dementia takes more than a person’s memory. It also steals their ability to communicate and to perform daily tasks, and [read more]

Helping Kids Wear Masks

by Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator As more and more businesses are requiring mask wearing, we thought you might be looking for tips on how to make this transition with your kids. Children under age two should not wear a mask. If you are out and about with your little one, cover their car seat or [read more]

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Life’s Simple 7

By Jaime Collins, Director of Marketing and Communications Sometimes it seems nothing in life is simple. Least of all the human body. While the science behind healthy living is both outrageously complex and seems to change every time we turn around, there are good folks working hard to simplify it for us. To make our [read more]

Living with Headaches: The Guide to Proper Management

By Joshua Bruner, Physical Therapist Have you ever experienced an intense headache that never seems to go away? Do you ever feel helpless trying to treat your headaches? Headaches can be very disabling and interfere with your daily life. It has been reported that 47% of people in the United States have regular headaches. They [read more]

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Keep on Glowing While It’s Snowing

All skin types need to exfoliate and moisturize, especially during the dry winter months. Skin Needs Care Every day your skin produces special oils to lock in moisture and block out bacteria. These oils build up and combine with shed skin cells to create an itchy, acne-inducing paste. That’s where exfoliation comes in! An exfoliant [read more]

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The Importance of a Diabetic Eye Exam

By Jenny Belken, Optometrist Did you know diabetes can potentially cause blindness? In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in adults between the ages of 20-74 years old, according to the National Eye Institute. Diabetes is becoming more common. In 1958 only 1% of the population was diabetic. By 2015 that [read more]

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: More than Just Kegels

By Amber Langel, Physical Therapist Do you leak urine when you cough, laugh, or sneeze? Do you wear depends or a pad because you are worried about leaking in public? Despite what many thing, it is not normal to leak urine at any age. Pelvic floor physical therapy can help with these issues. And there [read more]

I have a frog in my throat!

By Jodi Knight, Speech Therapist Keeping your voice healthy all year long can be challenging. Lots of things can cause strain (and pain) to your vocal cords including allergies, colds, and work or home life. Our voice is an invaluable resource that we often do not think about until it stops working properly.  You know [read more]

Fighting the Flu: What You Need to Know

Flu season is quickly approaching. We want you to be armed with information to help you understand the history of influenza, how it spreads, and what to watch for.  A Global Pandemic Just over 100 years ago, at the start of 1918, the mother of all influenza pandemics broke out. Killing between 50 and 100 [read more]

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