Battling Depression with Mindfulness

by Katie Grady, MSW, CAPSW, Social Worker at Southwest Behavioral Services |  If you have anxiety and/or depression, at one time or another I am sure that you have desperately wished you were able to turn your thoughts off, even if just for a minute or two. This seems impossible since our thought processes are [read more]

The “E” Word

by Kerri Sue Stange, MPT, Director of Rehabilitation at the Orthopedic Institute at Southwest Health |  The “E” word, exercise, for some the word elicits excitement and for others, it causes feelings of dread and hopelessness. Whatever your body type, exercise is important for your health. It’s just as important to know that it doesn’t [read more]

Holiday and Healthy – Is it Possible?

By Southwest Health Healthbeat Committee In the midst of this holiday season, we must ask, “Is your healthy lifestyle surviving?” Are you looking for ways to keep capital H for “health” in the holiday season? The average person gains 0.4 to 1.8 pounds (per the New England Journal of Medicine) during the holidays. Unfortunately, this [read more]

How to Stay Healthy Through the Ugly Months – 8 Tips

O.K., so winter isn’t ALWAYS ugly. At times, it can even be downright delightful. Yet the mere mention of the word makes many of us break out in a feverish sweat. How do you stay healthy with everything that’s going around? There are no guarantees you’ll make it to May unscathed by cold, flu, or [read more]

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Flu Season Has Arrived

By Kevin Carr, MD of the Platteville Clinic at Southwest Health and the Cuba City Clinic at Epione Pavilion It’s that time of year again…Flu season!  And while you’re probably not jumping at the chance to get a shot, there are some very important reasons why you should be lining up for your flu vaccine.  [read more]

5 Secrets to Aging Well

Aging, growing old, getting up there, past your prime; however you say it, it’s going to happen to all of us. It can be difficult too, and scary. Especially if you’re faced with aging alone or with limited assistance. Many people even have special needs as they grow older. The basics, however, remain the same. [read more]


It’s common knowledge that leaving a child, a disabled adult or a pet alone in a closed vehicle on a hot day is extremely dangerous. So why do we still hear about the dozens of deaths each year? Did you know that on an average 80° summer day it takes just over two minutes for [read more]


Getting Us Moving

Most everyone wants to live healthy. Yet, most of us are having trouble getting there. Most of us are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, opting instead for sugar laced concoctions and processed foods. Most are not getting enough activity in our days. The CDC reports fewer than one in five adults gets the recommended [read more]

Deadly Disconnect

Most young adult drivers (77%) are confident they can safely text while driving. More than half (55%) say it’s EASY to text and drive. Many young drivers have seen their parents talking on a cell phone or texting. A third of US drivers (18-64 years old) ADMIT to texting while driving. That’s not to mention drivers [read more]

What’s your favorite park?

Smith, Splinter, Lions, Legion, Hickory Hills, Bond, Belmont Mound, Mound View, First Capital, Soldiers Memorial, Governor Dodge, Wyalusing, Nelson Dewey, Harrison, Highland, …. and the list goes on. Some people travel the world in search of beauty, fun, and adventure. Others know they can find it right here at home… in our area parks. Virtually [read more]