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Food & Eating

A wake up call for everyone who eats

“It’s time to get real about food,” say the producers of the critically acclaimed documentary FED UP. The Huffington Post says it’s “A wake-up call for everyone who eats.” UNITE for Platteville, a group of engaged citizens working together for positive change in our communities, organized a public showing on Saturday of the movie to [read more]

Links between poor diet and health problems

Discover a wealth of knowledge from Walter Willett, Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition and Director of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University. He’s among the top scientists worldwide in the field of nutrition. In this video he details the links between an inadequate and unbalanced diet and health probl [read more]

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Forget the fat. Focus on fitness.

America is obsessed with weight. You might say it’s an unhealthy obsession. But America’s obsession doesn’t have to be yours, too. A healthier and more productive focus for you is fitness. Instead of thinking pounds and inches, turn your attention to nourishing your body, to getting plenty of rest, to reducing your stress, and to increasing [read more]