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Walking Away from the Pandemic

By Jaime Collins It appears the end of the pandemic is drawing near. The fact we will not be permanently stuck in pandemic mode comes courtesy of so many of you who masked up, stayed home, and protected others. That, I feel strongly, is the kind of thing great communities do for each other. Let’s [read more]

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Start Your Summer Story Here

Summer comes, and your hair and your heart get lighter. Water gets warmer. Drinks get cold. Windows open. Music gets turned up. And nights get longer. Throughout our lives, the wonder of each summer always comes with its own story. As the sun shines and green things grow, every one of us, no matter our [read more]

Beating Diabetes

Find out how to shut diabetes out of your life and live better. If you have pre-diabetes or are at risk of diabetes, you can learn in just four hours how to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. PRE-DIABETES EDUCATION CLASSES Important for anyone with pre-diabetes or at risk for developing diabetes Friday, June 24, 2016 [read more]

Young At Heart Valentine’s Day Dinner

For people a little wiser today for having a few years behind them, we created Young At Heart. Our members are curious people, open to knew ideas and new friendships. The way we see it, staying young at heart means you stay more active and engaged. And in the long run, we believe it helps [read more]

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May the Holidays live forever in your heart!

Thank you to all who joined us last month! It’s not easy to follow a Super Social in which our room overflowed with good cheer and the many wonderful wines brought to us by Da Vine Wine and Stein on Main Street in Platteville and Sinnipee Valley Vineyard and Winery in Kieler. But, your YAH Advisory Board have [read more]

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SBS to host speaker during World Suicide Prevention Week

12.8 minutes. That is how often someone dies by suicide in this country every year. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death for Americans and for one family that painful reality of losing a child to suicide has propelled them to lend their voices to end the stigma of suicide. Terry and Patti Cullen [read more]

Folklore & More

Prepare yourself for a trip back in time. Experience the events of folklore and history that shaped our local area and the people who live here. Young At Heart’s own Kent Scheuerell will have some fun, along with all of us… plus perhaps a few volunteer participants for skits! Discover all sorts of things you [read more]

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5 Weeks to 5K Training Program

No Matter What Your Level, We’ll Help You Run the HUSTLE We are excited once again to be partnering with UW Platteville and SNAP Fitness to bring you a program designed to help people at ALL activity levels successfully train and run a 5k race. In particular, we target the Homecoming Hustle as our target [read more]

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Homecoming Hustle 2015

Southwest Health is a proud sponsor of UW Platteville’s Homecoming Hustle! This is a fun local 5k run and walk that will get you out on what is always a beautiful fall day in Platteville. Plus, in coordination with SNAP Fitness in Platteville, we are once again in 2015 offering a FREE five weeks to [read more]

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