6 gotta-dos to avoid sports injuries

The last thing anyone wants is to be laid up for weeks or months with a sports injury. You want to enjoy your sport, not your sofa and a pack of ice. Although there is no fool-proof way to avoid all issues when you’re active, you can reduce your risks. Nix the idea of just [read more]

Start Your Summer Story Here

Summer comes, and your hair and your heart get lighter. Water gets warmer. Drinks get cold. Windows open. Music gets turned up. And nights get longer. Throughout our lives, the wonder of each summer always comes with its own story. As the sun shines and green things grow, every one of us, no matter our [read more]

Pipe Full of Focus – how to do that which you can’t

by Jaime Collins, Director of Marketing and Communications at Southwest Health |  My ignorance is sometimes a big plus. On specific occasions, I find it very helpful to dredge up some inner unawareness. Which is totally not hard for me, but the thing is, with it I can do just about anything. It’s a matter [read more]

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The “E” Word

by Kerri Sue Stange, MPT, Director of Rehabilitation at the Orthopedic Institute at Southwest Health |  The “E” word, exercise, for some the word elicits excitement and for others, it causes feelings of dread and hopelessness. Whatever your body type, exercise is important for your health. It’s just as important to know that it doesn’t [read more]

Holiday and Healthy – Is it Possible?

By Southwest Health Healthbeat Committee In the midst of this holiday season, we must ask, “Is your healthy lifestyle surviving?” Are you looking for ways to keep capital H for “health” in the holiday season? The average person gains 0.4 to 1.8 pounds (per the New England Journal of Medicine) during the holidays. Unfortunately, this [read more]

5 Secrets to Aging Well

Aging, growing old, getting up there, past your prime; however you say it, it’s going to happen to all of us. It can be difficult too, and scary. Especially if you’re faced with aging alone or with limited assistance. Many people even have special needs as they grow older. The basics, however, remain the same. [read more]

Getting Us Moving

Most everyone wants to live healthy. Yet, most of us are having trouble getting there. Most of us are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, opting instead for sugar laced concoctions and processed foods. Most are not getting enough activity in our days. The CDC reports fewer than one in five adults gets the recommended [read more]

What’s your favorite park?

Smith, Splinter, Lions, Legion, Hickory Hills, Bond, Belmont Mound, Mound View, First Capital, Soldiers Memorial, Governor Dodge, Wyalusing, Nelson Dewey, Harrison, Highland, …. and the list goes on. Some people travel the world in search of beauty, fun, and adventure. Others know they can find it right here at home… in our area parks. Virtually [read more]

5 Weeks to 5K Training Program

No Matter What Your Level, We’ll Help You Run the HUSTLE We are excited once again to be partnering with UW Platteville and SNAP Fitness to bring you a program designed to help people at ALL activity levels successfully train and run a 5k race. In particular, we target the Homecoming Hustle as our target [read more]

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Homecoming Hustle 2015

Southwest Health is a proud sponsor of UW Platteville’s Homecoming Hustle! This is a fun local 5k run and walk that will get you out on what is always a beautiful fall day in Platteville. Plus, in coordination with SNAP Fitness in Platteville, we are once again in 2015 offering a FREE five weeks to [read more]

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