Get more out of life

Helping you live well is our passion. Yet we want to do more than simply help you stay healthy. We want you to get more out of life. We want you to thrive.

What better way than starting on Monday? Our More from Your Monday blog will deliver ideas, tips, and bits of inspiration – all to start week in a positive direction. Each More from Your Monday will be different. And each is yours to think about, yours to try out, and yours to embrace as only you can.

So start getting more out of life. On Mondays and beyond.

Start Your Summer Story Here

Summer comes, and your hair and your heart get lighter. Water gets warmer. Drinks get cold. Windows open. Music gets turned up. And nights get longer. Throughout our lives, the wonder of each summer always comes with its own story. As the sun shines and green things grow, every one of us, no matter our [read more]

Pipe Full of Focus – how to do that which you can’t

by Jaime Collins, Director of Marketing and Communications at Southwest Health |  My ignorance is sometimes a big plus. On specific occasions, I find it very helpful to dredge up some inner unawareness. Which is totally not hard for me, but the thing is, with it I can do just about anything. It’s a matter [read more]

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How to not let your health take a back seat in winter

by Jaime Collins, Director of Marketing and Communications at Southwest Health |  I don’t care what groundhogs saw or did not see last week. Spring will come when it’s good and ready. In the meantime, life is too short and far too precious to hibernate. Waiting out winter is no strategy for staying healthy. Instead, [read more]

Cool Beans

By Jaime Collins, Director of Marketing and Communications at Southwest Health. The magical fruit, as they’ve been dubbed in a school-yard rhyme, are indeed both fruit and magic. While some cultures have long eaten beans because they’re abundant and cheap, the world is now waking up to the true magic of the legume family – [read more]

Give Your Bad Day a Makeover

Work isn’t working. Your kids are crabby. That painful paper cut.  And last night’s dinner is disagreeing with you. Sometimes life just throws things in your way. Truth is, bad days happen to all of us. Even the small stuff can overwhelm us and trigger a downward spiral of negativity that may quickly turn you [read more]

How to Stay Healthy Through the Ugly Months – 8 Tips

O.K., so winter isn’t ALWAYS ugly. At times, it can even be downright delightful. Yet the mere mention of the word makes many of us break out in a feverish sweat. How do you stay healthy with everything that’s going around? There are no guarantees you’ll make it to May unscathed by cold, flu, or [read more]

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Nothing Works Like Work

This Labor Day, we celebrate work itself. And the remarkable people who work together to create a healthier southwest Wisconsin. Of course, most of our team (like mostly everyone else) is not working today. But, when we are at work, our people regularly demonstrate something very important about work itself. Namely, that there’s nothing that [read more]

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Smile. It’s Monday.

It might surprise you to know it there’s no proof to the old saying, “It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.” On average a smile uses 12 muscles and a frown 11. Still, because humans generally smile more than they frown, our smiling muscles are naturally stronger. That makes smiling easier. [read more]

5 Ways Exercise Improves Your Quality of Life

By Southwest Health’s Healthbeat Committee Exercise not only helps you live longer, it helps you live better. In addition to making your heart and muscles stronger it also helps in fending off a host of diseases. Exercise has been shown to improve your mental and emotional functioning and even boost your productivity. Read on for [read more]


By Southwest Health’s Healthbeat Committee Fruits and vegetables are generally wholesome, healthy foods, right? But did you know that especially fruit possesses pretty amazing powers? Check out these fruit-full tips recently compiled by our employee wellness group, the Healthbeat Committee: Blueberries have the highest antioxidant value of any fruit. They can boost up your immune [read more]