Your Mental Health Questions Answered Online

Your mental health is at the very center of your overall wellness.

The providers at Southwest Behavioral Services are here to answer your questions to help you understand what mental health is and how you can ensure that you understand mental health- what it means, how your environment and life are impacted by it, and how to make it a priority.

We understand that there is currently a stigma about mental health. But we also understand that it should be considered and talked about just as your nutrition and your physical activity. We are offering you the chance to ask your questions from our mental health providers, and they are happy to provide the answers to your questions. We will not share your name, so be as open as you wish. Not only will you benefit from discovering the answers to your questions, but others will too. More than likely they have similar questions or are in a similar situation.

How does it work?

  1. Submit your question below between May 13 and May 17 . (Note: We ask for your name, but we will not publish it.)
  2. Our mental health providers will go over the questions submitted and respond.
  3. We will post your question and their response the week of May 21. We may combine similar questions.

Important note: This question and answer event is intended to provide information and in no way replaces a visit or consultation with your provider.

  • We will not share your name or make it public. We ask for your name in case we want to follow up with you.
  • Please submit a question you have about mental health. Your name will not be posted on our website. Check back here to see our mental health provider's response to your question. *Please note, this is not a substitute for proper medical care, a proper diagnosis can be made by your physician. Thank you!


Submitted Questions and Answers

We will be answering questions beginning May 21. If you don’t see yours yet, please check back. Thank you!