Connecting for Healthier Communities

What would you do for others?

If you had the power to change sometime for others — in your family, workplace, community or elsewhere — what would you do? What would you change?

Those are big questions. Yet as we at Southwest Health take on the real-life work of creating a healthier southwest Wisconsin, those questions and others require answers.

“We’re out to make our communities places where everyone can live healthy and thrive, and that means thinking in innovative ways about health and the way we care for our communities. It means listening and finding new ways to meet folks where they are to improve the health of our region. It means removing barriers to well-being and create new ways to make care more accessible for everyone.” 

–Julie Stephenson, Director of Community Development

Our community development initiatives are all about connecting with you to help us learn and understand the complex needs in our communities in order to focus on collaborative ways to meet those needs. Your partnerships and perspectives are key as we explore and identify what’s most important to you and southwest Wisconsin.

Opening a conversation is the beginning. This vital work starts with discussions about:

  • Wanting your employees live better and live longer.
  • Healthcare system impacts as someone with a chronic condition, disease, or disability.
  • Your community organization or churches well-being work.
  • Our region’s marginalized groups – minorities or traditionally underserved, at risk, or economically disadvantaged population.
  • Perspectives from your own healthcare experience or the experiences of your family members, friends and neighbors.
  • Better understanding of the relationship between health and community.
  • Changes you’d like to see to create a healthier community.

Let’s Connect!

“Reach out to me anytime to find out more. Click the blue “Schedule Time with Me” button in the lower right to find a time to meet via zoom or in-person.

Or, call or email! I enjoy talking with people all around our area, and I’d love to hear from you!”

–Julie Stephenson, Director of Community Development


Call (direct line): 608-342-6305

Southwest Health has always been an organization that reaches out beyond the walls of our facilities to help improve lives. In connecting with you, we improve how we extend healthcare through our community by facilitating greater access through partnership and collaboration to get everyone the care they need to live better and enjoy life. This is simply another way we work everyday to fulfill our vision of creating a healthier southwest Wisconsin.