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Heroes For Healthcare

Heroes for Healthcare is proud to announce the introduction of legislation to create the Military Medics & Corpsmen (Wis-MAC) Program. The bi-partisan legislation, championed by Senator Jacque and Representative Summerfield, was officially introduced in the Wisconsin Senate on Veterans Day, November 11, 2021. This legislation addresses a critical workforce issue by providing a pathway for [read more]

A Mindful Holiday can Reduce Stress

By Julie Stephenson – Southwest Health Community Outreach Unmanaged stress and emotional upheaval can ruin your holidays and impact your health long-term. Practicing mindfulness, planning ahead, and seeking support can help you ring in the New Year in a healthier mental and physical state. Here are the facts: The holiday season can bring unwelcome guests [read more]

The Time of Our Lives

By Jaime Collins Something magic happened last summer. Amid the pain and loneliness and chaos of the pandemic, people began to take paths less traveled. Literally. With most of the world shut down and the brakes on every plan ever conceived, people ventured outdoors. Scores of people took to the trails and hiking paths. Deep [read more]

Enjoy Picnic Food Safely

By Katelyn Schobert, Dietitian The weather is warming up, making it more possible to enjoy time with family and friends outside. A common outdoor activity is going to picnics. Picnics are a great way to get out to enjoy fresh air, nature, and the company of others. However if not properly prepared, picnics can pose [read more]

Walking Away from the Pandemic

By Jaime Collins It appears the end of the pandemic is drawing near. The fact we will not be permanently stuck in pandemic mode comes courtesy of so many of you who masked up, stayed home, and protected others. That, I feel strongly, is the kind of thing great communities do for each other. Let’s [read more]

Sticking to your health-related goals for 2021

By Andy Stader, Physician Assistant at the Orthopedic Institute at Southwest Health As we transition into the New Year, a lot of us will make some changes to take control of our health, especially after the wild year that was 2020. Many of us will set a resolution to eat better and exercise in early [read more]

Journaling During COVID & Prompts to Get You Started

By Jaime Collins “My thoughts are private. What if someone sees my writing?” “My hand writing is awful.” “Ugh… sounds like work. I don’t need more work.” Not everything about journaling is perfect. On the other hand, my experience and the experiences of people who’ve attended my Journaling classes find the payback well worth it. [read more]

Building Resiliency- Helping You Through the Tough Times

By Ashley Dixon, Social Worker Everyone is likely to experience a traumatic event at some point in their life. Unfortunately, it is almost unavoidable. The year 2020 has certainly provided its share of unique challenges and obstacles for many of us, to say the least. How we experience these traumas, and more importantly how we [read more]

Studies: Preventing Dementia Begins Early

By Jaime Collins Saying goodbye to my mother-in-law for the last time was heartbreaking. Especially so because the person I said goodbye to wasn’t really her. The woman I knew so well was already gone. Dementia takes more than a person’s memory. It also steals their ability to communicate and to perform daily tasks, and [read more]