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The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

By Jenny Belken, Optometrist With summer quickly approaching, we will begin to see a significant increase in the number of people wearing sunglasses. While we may be exposed to more sunlight in the spring and summer months, sunglasses are actually extremely beneficial to wear all year round. Check out the numerous health benefits of sunglasses [read more]

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Blue light lenses-worth the hype?

By Breanna Callahan, Marketing Coordinator Blue light is a buzzword right now used by eyeglass retailers.  Since it is approaching back-to-school time, and many attending school will be attending virtually, I see many advertisements for blue light reducing glasses. These ads portray blue light as harmful and indicate it hurts your eyes. And of course, [read more]

Southwest Health Purchases Darlington Eye Center

Southwest Health announces they have reached an agreement to purchase the Eye Care Center and optometry practice of Dr. Paul Lueck at 346 Main Street in Darlington. With eye care clinics in Platteville and Lancaster, this will be the third Eye Center location operated by Southwest Health, and the anticipated opening date for the new [read more]

The Importance of a Diabetic Eye Exam

By Jenny Belken, Optometrist Did you know diabetes can potentially cause blindness? In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in adults between the ages of 20-74 years old, according to the National Eye Institute. Diabetes is becoming more common. In 1958 only 1% of the population was diabetic. By 2015 that [read more]

Kids’ Eye-Q

Before kids head to school, be sure to get their eyes checked. Healthy vision plays an important role in learning, yet studies show a majority of children start school without having an eye examination. Studies also indicate that 60% of children identified as “problem learners” actually suffer from undetected vision problems. The American Optometric Association [read more]

The Sun and Your Eyes: How to Safely View the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

By Nicole Klein, OD – Optometrist at The Eye Center at Southwest Health Witnessing a solar eclipse can be a memorable experience for all ages. The upcoming eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017 will be the first total eclipse in nearly 40 years. Although here in southwest Wisconsin we are too far north to witness [read more]

‘Tis the season…for dry eyes?

by Nicole Klein, OD at The Eye Center at Southwest Health If your eyes feel dry, gritty, burn, are watering, or your vision fluctuates with blinking, you may have what is now more commonly known as tear film insufficiency or dry eye syndrome. This condition can result from environmental or weather changes, contact lens use, [read more]