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Author Archives: Southwest Health

Considering Radiology

JoAnn Geissbuhler, Director of Radiology at Southwest Health If you’ve ever thought about working in healthcare, there are numerous options to choose from that you may never have considered. Radiology may be the profession that is right for you. If you’ve ever seen an x-ray of a broken bone Radiologist Technologist took those images. These [read more]

Glaucoma Awareness Month

The Eye Center at Southwest Health  January is National Glaucoma Month, a time to spread awareness about the condition that puts pressure on the eye. The specific part of the eye that feels the intense pressure provides information to the brain, the optic nerve. If left untreated, glaucoma can eventually cause total blindness. While this [read more]

What to do about the Flu

Our little corner of the world is not immune to the flu quickly spreading through the country. Like everywhere else, Southwest Health is feeling the effects of more people getting sick and the consequences spreading throughout our small community. During this flu season, an increase in cases of seasonal illnesses, especially the flu, is sending [read more]

Taking a Breath

Just take a breath. It’s the advice you’ve heard since you were a kid. However, it might be exactly what you need. The holidays can be a stressful time of year. It can feel like you need to give 100% of yourself to others, whether it’s your time, energy, or mental capacity to plan events [read more]

Make the Most of Open Enrollment

For most employers, open enrollment typically runs between November 1st to December 15th every year. This is when business owners and employers will compile and distribute information to employees that include a review of each available policy. Employees then have the opportunity to make selections for healthcare coverage for themselves and their family members. This [read more]

Giving Thanks

November is National Gratitude Month, so it’s time to slow down and appreciate the world around you. Research has shown that people who practice gratitude daily are happier and healthier. If you’ve never intentionally practiced gratitude, you might not know where to start. So, let’s start with the basics. Showing gratitude is a simple way [read more]