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Hip Hip Hooray

Joshua Lindsey, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic Institute at Southwest Health Hip pain affects most people at some point in their lives, whether it keeps you from playing a casual pickup game, gardening, playing with your kids, or carrying in the groceries. When a muscle is pulled or irritated, it typically gets better with rest, ice, [read more]

The Right Therapy for You

Lacy J. Taylor, MA, LPC, ATR, Southwest Behavioral Services at Southwest Health If you’ve been thinking about starting therapy, you’ve probably done some online searching to answer a few of your questions before taking the next step to make an appointment with a therapist. It can be overwhelming when you’re already not feeling your best. [read more]

More than an Accessory

Nicole Klein, OD, FAAO, Optometrist at Eye Center at Southwest Health Sunglasses are more than just an accessory to throw on during the upcoming bright sunny days. Research has shown that excessive ultraviolet (UV) exposure from the sun can accelerate conditions that affect your eyes, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and even dry eye or [read more]

Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Whether you’ve just learned you have diabetes or have had the condition for years, there’s always more to learn to help you better manage your diagnosis. In doing so, you’ll reduce your chance of developing the serious complications that accompany diabetes, including heart disease, dental disease, eye disorders, kidney disease, nerve damage, and lower leg [read more]

Life Beyond Managing Pain

Brian Lenzmeier, CRNA, APNP, ARNP Does shoveling snow this winter have your back screaming? Are you already dreading a painful gardening and farming season this spring? Life doesn’t have to be a series of cold compresses, heating pads, and medications. Why wait any longer – there is a pain solution closer to home than you [read more]

Frequently Un-Asked Questions

by The Pharmacy, Southwest Health Pharmacists answer a lot of questions during their workday. The role of a pharmacist is inherently available to the community to help provide clarity to consumers about anything related to their medications or care. While common questions like “when should I take this” or “what are the side effects of [read more]

Beyond Well-child Visits

by Kyle Quillin, DO, ENT, Southwest Health The importance of a well-child visit cannot be downplayed. They are often a parent’s first defense when protecting children against diseases like measles and whooping cough. This annual, or sometimes more frequent, visit can help create a baseline of care, track developmental milestones, and establish a relationship with [read more]