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Author Archives: Kelly Hubbard

Running vs. Osteoarthritis: Is running a risk factor for knee and hip arthritis?

By Joshua Bruner, PT, DPT, CSCS – Physical Therapist at Southwest Health. Knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA) continues to be a growing epidemic in the United States (US). It has been estimated that 12.2% and 7.4% of the US population have knee and hip OA, respectively. Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that causes a breakdown [read more]

5 Creative Ways to Get Moving

Americans are busier than they’ve ever been before, BUT they are also spending a lot more time sitting.  This means that while we have more obligations to our careers, communities, our children’s activities, etc., we’re doing the majority of these things while remaining relatively sedentary.  So how do we stay active and maintain our obligations? [read more]

5 Healthier Ways to Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

By Ashley Meyer, Marketing Coordinator at Southwest Health For many of us it would be unrealistic to completely cut our sweet tooth cravings from our diets. So here’s some easy tips for satisfying those cravings, while still being mindful of nutrition. Combine Foods – Combine nutritious foods with your craving foods.  Here’s some tasty ideas [read more]

Know the Signs – Suicide Awareness and Prevention Week

In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, Southwest Behavioral Services at Southwest Health is running a week-long campaign to inform and engage our communities in conversation about the warning signs and risk factors of suicide.  The campaign is titled: “Know the Signs.” Over 41,000 people die by suicide each year in the United States.  Knowing [read more]