Visiting Southwest Health

Visiting Hours

We want people under our care to feel empowered. That’s why each patient sets their own visiting hours and determines who can visit. Patients should talk with the nurse on duty to limit or add visiting hours or restrict/allow visitors.

We welcome all visitors a patient wishes to see. However, we do ask visitors to respect our patient’s need for privacy and rest. For that reason, children should be supervised at all times.

 Hospital Campus Maps

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First Floor (Main Level) Second Floor (Upper Level) Lower Level

Maps and Directions

Cuba City Clinic
Platteville (Hospital Campus & SBS Inpatient) SH-PVC_Map1

Patient Rights

You are the center of our Health Care System and the focus of everything we do. At Southwest Health, we constantly strive to provide the best in both technical and personal aspects of your care.

Healing involves the coordination and cooperation of many caring specialties, and you are an important part of that team as a patient. We want you to be aware of your rights and responsibilities. You have the right to:

  • Access and receive care
  • Respect and dignity
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Personal safety
  • Know the identity and professional status of your care providers
  • Information concerning your diagnosis (to the degree known)
  • Communicate with people outside the hospital
  • Give informed consent for your care
  • Consult with other physicians/specialists
  • Refuse treatment
  • Transfer your care to another physician, and know any care requirements following your discharge
  • Request an itemized list and detailed explanation of hospital charges
  • Information on hospital rules and regulations
  • Voice grievances and complaints

Your Privacy

We have a profound respect for the dignity, privacy, and confidentiality of every one of our patients. This is among your fundamental rights noted prominently above and in our patient rights documents referenced above. For further detail, see this official privacy notice document.