Southwest Health EMS Receives Grant for Doppler Units

[Platteville, WI] —- Thanks to the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, Southwest Health EMS purchased three Doppler units, one for each of their ambulances. The Doppler units were purchased with the grant money plus money donated by Southwest Health’s ETC (Employees That Care) group. Doppler technology allows staff to monitor heart tones in real time, which allows for quicker treatment and assistance when time is of the essence. When providing emergency care, quicker treatment generally means better outcomes for patients.

Each year, Southwest Health EMS cares for approximately 1,500 individuals and provides transfers for nearly 600. When asked how the Doppler units will be used, Brian Allen, Director of Emergency Medical Services & Emergency Management, explained they can be used in several different situations.

  • Cardiac arrest patient – allows us to listen to heart tones (hear if the heart is working/pumping blood)
  • Taking blood pressures – amplifies Korotkoff sounds (blood flow sounds) making it easier to determine blood pressure in patients that are very sick
  • Listening to fetal heart tones (similar to how they are used in birthing centers)
  • Finding pulses in arms or legs after an injury – allows staff to hear/locate a pulse in an injured extremity

Allen summed up his appreciation for the donation, “We are very grateful for the funding which has allowed us to provide advanced care for our patients.”


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