8 Reasons to Join Our Relay Team

by Jaime Collins

Life is often overwhelming. We were all busy people last year, and that’s probably only more true in 2019. And strange as it may seem, that is for me a big motivator to get involved.

We are all human. We have limited time and energy. Yet we also each have needs to connect with others. To contribute to something greater than ourselves. To express ourselves. To stretch our limbs and use our bodies at the level we are capable. Which all leads me to these eight reasons to join Team Southwest Health at this year’s Relay for Life on March 29.

  1. You are connected to cancer. Someone in your life has, has had, or will have cancer.
  2. You can fight back to end cancer. If not you, who? If not now, when? If not with us, where?
  3. We will celebrate. The relay is at times somber, but it’s also our collective chance to cheer for survivors and celebrate all we do together to fight cancer.
  4. Be you. One important thing cancer reminds us is that we are all unique human beings, and our lives are valuable. Walk, sit, cheer, decorate, dress up or dress down, donate, take selfies, and be present in your community in your own unique way. There is a place for everyone on Team Southwest Health.
  5. Be great. The Relay is one night among 365 that makes it easy to have fun while also contributing to something greater than yourself.
  6. Be a friend. We all need them. We all benefit from knowing and connecting with them. Technology connects us one way, but the Relay has a way of connecting us on a whole other level. Bring a friend or family member or bring lots of them or even just join us to connect with friends new and not so new.
  7. Walk. What else are you doing on a Friday night in late March that is even half as good for you as walking with friends and family?
  8. You’ll get a Team Southwest Health t-shirt. Employees and non-employees alike are all welcomed warmly on our team. Wear your shirt at the event or choose not to, sleep in it, mow the lawn in it, or give it to someone else. It’s all yours.

Joining Team Southwest Health is easy. Click here to register online. Go ahead and do it now.

Then join us the evening of Friday, March 29th at the Williams Fieldhouse on the UW Platteville campus. Details will follow in the weeks before the event.

We all can’t wait to say, “Congratulations! You’re part of our team!”.

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