Southwest Health Rises to New Heights in Workplace Excellence

As part of their passion for excellence, Southwest Health has in each of the last three years attained award winning levels of workplace excellence determined by comparing engagement of their more than 600 employees to health care employees nationwide as measured in responses to annual work satisfaction surveys. This year, Southwest Health continues their climb upward by surpassing even their own historically high standards with a 94th percentile ranking among hospitals nationwide. That’s six percent higher than the previous year.

“It’s is incredibly difficult for any health care organization to not only maintain such high levels of employee job satisfaction but also to improve them as we’ve done again this year,” says Southwest Health CEO Dan Rohrbach.  “It takes our entire team to make this happen, and we’re especially proud because we know when employees feel positive about where they work, it translates to higher quality health care.”

Employee engagement is a measure of an organization’s relationship with its employees. An engaged employee is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive actions to further the organization’s mission and goals. Engagement is also an indicator of an organization’s excellence in internal communication, employee involvement, team members’ personal commitments to the organization, and their perceptions of leadership.

In a high performing organization like Southwest Health, everyone benefits from the collective drive to excel, including both employees and the communities they serve. The 2018 survey results are further evidence, in fact, that Southwest Health’s staff is performing at exceptionally high levels. The organization also consistently ranks in the top tiers of hospitals nationwide for patient satisfaction. They continue growing year after year in revenue, in people served, and in numbers of employees. And Southwest Health regularly invests in new facilities, advanced technology, expanded services, and in their people.

“Other impressive results of the survey include 94% of employees eager to recommend us as a great place to work and 95% of employees indicating pride in working at Southwest Health.  Our employees have created a positive and inspiring environment which positions us to overcome the health care workforce shortage that looms large for so many organizations around the nation. We’re all committed to our vision of creating a healthier southwest Wisconsin, and as a team, we’re excited to be always reaching further on behalf of the people we serve.”

The survey was administered in May with responses received from 470 of Southwest Health’s 600 employees.

About Southwest Health — With its always growing range of providers and services, Southwest Health is a high performing regional health care system that puts patient’s needs first. The organization is also the area’s second largest employer. On their hospital campus in Platteville, Southwest Health provides wide-ranging, high quality acute care services, including medical and surgical care, emergency and urgent care, orthopedics, women’s health, specialist clinics, cancer care, a comprehensive eye center, the area’s largest family medical clinic, Emergency Medical Services, and a retail pharmacy. Also in Platteville, they operate an outpatient behavioral health clinic providing counseling and other mental health services as well as a separate inpatient behavioral health facility. In Cuba City, their Epione Pavilion offers long-term skilled nursing care, outpatient rehabilitation, memory care, and a family medical care clinic all under one roof.

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