How Often Should Adults Get Physical Exams?

Even for the healthiest adults, a physical exam is recommended yearly. Annual physical exams are viewed as a safeguard against potential risks for health problems, which is why they are commonly referred to as preventative healthcare. The primary purpose of these exams is to verify that the body is functioning as it should be and to assess your current health.  Sometimes diseases carry very few physical symptoms, meaning you may not know when something isn’t right with your body, making annual exams key in helping to save lives.

At an annual physical exam, you can expect questions from your doctor about your history and current lifestyle behaviors.  This understanding will help your doctor identify any potential health risks and provide you with preventative health information.

In addition to understanding your history and lifestyle, your doctor will also check your blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and respiratory rate; and examine other parts of your body for proper functioning.  Based on the evaluation, additional laboratory testing may be recommended, or more likely, they’ll send you on your way as a healthy adult!

Medicare covers a yearly appointment to discuss your plan of preventative care.  To schedule your annual physical exam, call the Platteville Clinic at 608-348-4330 or the Cuba City Clinic at 608-744-2767.

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