Bubble Pack It!

schobert_thumbBy Bryant Schobert, PharmD at The Pharmacy at Southwest Health

Anyone who takes multiple medications a day has been through the tedious task of sorting or counting into pill boxes or struggling to open bottle after bottle of medications.  You probably even know how exhausting it can be to constantly have to run to the pharmacy to pick up refills because everything seems to run out at different times each month.

Fortunately, now there’s a better way of taking your medication.  Bubble pack is a convenient blister package which allows you to have a whole month’s worth of medication in one convenient and clearly labeled package.  These packs arrange your medications by date and time of day, in up to four doses per day (morning, noon, evening, bedtime).  They come in easy-to-open packets that assure you will never miss a dose or mix up a prescription again.categorymain-blisterpackpills

You see…the number one reason for prescriptions not working is because they are not being taken properly.  We understand that it’s hard to remember exactly how and when to take each prescription, especially when you have many.  This bubble pack system drastically reduces the chance for errors.

So how does it work?  Our pharmacy staff will work with you to synchronize all of your prescriptions so that you’ll only need to pick up, or have delivery, once a month.  The pharmacist will then sort and organize all of your regularly scheduled medications into the bubble pack system (by date and time of day), which can also include non-prescription vitamins and supplements.  Along with the bubble pack, you’ll get a complete list of your medications including doses, prescriber information, and med descriptions to carry with you in the case of emergency.

categorymain-blisterpackpills2“Bubble pack is one of our fastest growing services in the pharmacy because it’s easy to use and it helps our patients remember to take their medication,” says Bryant Schobert, PharmD. “We also know when they’ll run out of medications, so we can take care of things like calling the doctor for refills and insurance issues ahead of time – which saves them time.”
If you’re ready to ditch the bulky bottles and say hello to a new, convenient way to take your medication, call The Pharmacy at Southwest Health at (608) 342-6200, and ask for Bubble Pack today! View more at The Pharmacy or visit any registration desk at the hospital to see it for yourself.

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