Getting the Most from Your Prescriptions

schobert_thumbby Bryant Schobert, PharmD, at the Pharmacy at Southwest Health

“The number one reason medications fail is patients don’t take them correctly. I’m here to help ensure that doesn’t happen.”

Pharmacist Bryant Schobert knows all about the importance of taking your medication properly. That’s why in his roll as Pharmacy Lead at the newly opened Pharmacy at Southwest Health, he’s working hard to ensure people are getting the most from their medications.

Bryant offers a few tips for anyone taking regular prescriptions:

  • Do take your medications – This is harder than it sounds, considering some of the diseases we are treating make it very hard to WANT to take your medications or even REMEMBER to take your medications.
  • Let your doctor or pharmacist know if you have side effects. With some medications side effects can be uncomfortable, annoying, or even potentially life-threatening.
  • Do you feel like you’re taking too many medications? We may have ways to reduce the number of tablets or capsules you take. Many medications will come in extended release forms, so instead of taking three tablets a day, you could just take one.
  • Self-Monitoring – If you think your medications are NOT working, it’s important to discuss these feelings with the doctor or pharmacist.
  • Work together – It is very important that you do not change your dose, stop taking medications, or start any new medications without first discussing them with your doctor or pharmacist.

For more information about your prescriptions, contact Bryant Schobert, PharmD at The Pharmacy at Southwest Health – 608.342-6200

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