Getting You Better Faster – What You Can Expect from Us.


By Dan Rohrbach

The best care is care that fits your busy life. That’s why our Emergency Department doctors and staff keep track of what we call “Door to Discharge” time as part of our quality measures. Let’s call it D2D. At Southwest Health our D2D averages just 75 minutes.

Let’s be clear. We’re not talking about getting you into an exam room in 75 minutes, leaving you STILL sitting and waiting to see a doctor. D2D includes your entire visit – from greeting you, to checking you in, to diagnosing you and prescribing your medicine or treatment, to getting you back on the road in a grand total of 75 minutes on average. Simply put, that means you’re not waiting. In just over one hour, you can get back to your life, back to your family, back to work or back home, back to bed to rest, or back to where ever your heart desires.

What’s more, that D2D time is an average, so your visit may be even faster still with no compromises in quality.

Of course, other ERs aren’t going to tell you what their average D2D time is because they don’t want to frighten you with long waits. The fact is our team excels at providing you care that fits your busy life.

What about the doctors?

Did you also know our team of full-time emergency physicians is also something to write home about? Dr. Bogner, Dr. Lindsey, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Sloan are true experts dedicated 24/7 to the Emergency Department at Southwest Health. They’re board certified, and they bring decades of experience in emergency medicine. Thanks to their remarkable expertise, we are providing University Hospital level care right here in Platteville. The fact is, other communities our size just don’t have that kind of home-team advantage.

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Surrounding them is an exceptional team of experienced nursing staff and support staff in areas like Lab and Radiology. I tell people everywhere I go that if I hit the ground, take me to the ED in Platteville because I know that the area’s only “rock stars” of emergency care will be taking care of me. And I know they’ll do it without the long wait times of bigger hospitals.

The results speak for themselves.

Because we’re consistently delivering top-quality care, our ER has grown to over 10,400 visits this past year. At the same time we’re treating more people, our patient satisfaction scores have climbed skyward into the very top 5% of hospitals in the country!

Emergency Dept. Patient Satisfaction with Physician Services

Because we understand how valuable your time is… and because we’re growing… we’re also expanding to continue delivering the high quality service you’ve come to expect from us. We have just made the decision to add more highly qualified medical staff in the form of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants into the ED on the weekends. With additional experienced staff, we will continue improving the patient experience. Although we never want to see anyone in the ER, and I do hope you do not ever need our services, it is reassuring to know that Southwest Health has made great investments in the ER in order to provide you the best possible care.

As always, it is our privilege to serve you.

Dan Rohrbach
Chief Executive Officer

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