Weighing in on BMI

Some providers are electing to refer women with high risk pregnancies to big medical centers away from home. It’s true that women with a higher BMI, higher blood pressure, and other complications have more risk in pregnancy.

At the Women’s Center at Southwest Health we offer a different approach. Our highest priority is always you. Unlike hospitals that seek a high volume of low risk pregnancies, we focus on every individual mother’s needs. In doing so, we are able to treat a wide range of pregnancies, from ordinary to many of the most complex cases.

Southwest Health and Dr. Mackey have created a facility that is equipped to handle those situations. Great care doesn’t have to be hours away.

Dr. Mackey offers his patients remarkable experience, having treated some of the most complicated pregnancies in the country. In more than a decade at UW Hopsitals in Madison, he has delivered more than 3,000 babies and performed over 2,000 surgeries. What that means for our patients is that they are being cared for at a higher level. We’ll treat you right.

With us, your needs always come first. Our goal is to keep you close to home and stress free. In the event that complications arise that require more advanced treatment (and about 2-3% of the time they do) Dr. Mackey makes sure to arrange the highest level of care for you by personally and carefully referring you to a specific doctor with whom he maintains communications to follow your care throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Once you and baby are safe, you will be able to come right back to Dr. Mackey at Southwest Health.

If you are one of the many women requiring advanced pregnancy or gynecological care, contact Dr. Mackey at the Women’s Center at Southwest Health – (608) 342-0986 or visit www.Womens-Health-Center.org.

Source: Womens Health Center

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